admin July 22, 2020

The little old lady across the way is kind-hearted at best. She’s been able to put up with the racket and so, for appearance’s sake, you do your best to do so too. Heck, she’s even prepared to bring over sarmies every now and then. But do you think they’d volunteer? Heck, no! Be that as it may, it’s the least you could do for her, she is getting on and all. And for crying out loud, won’t you just get your construction clean up philadelphia pa gear to giddy-up already.

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You do your best so too. Ah, yes! If you’re honest with yourself, you didn’t, did you? Hence this call to action. You’ve got another major construction project coming up pretty soon. The work from home bug has got to you. But you’ve got to make it legal. If you’re going to be working from your garage, kind of using it as a workshop and all, you’d better make sure that you’re not making too much noise.

There’s this little old lady across the road, she’s got to get her dues in the nap-sack nowadays. And what’s she ever do to you other than to bring over a pot of beefy stew every now and then under the pretence of being a good neighbor and all but meanwhiles. Back at the ranch; just to poke her head around the corner to see if you’re not breaking any laws and all. And boyo! Is she going to freak out.

She’s going to freak out if she sees the mess you and your construction boys have left behind. But in her kind-hearted sort of way, she’ll always just say, just this once more. Boys will be boys.